One thing we learned early on, the roost from the front wheels of the Polaris RZR will cause havoc to the components behind them. The Polaris RZR rear trailing arms tend to funnel roost from the front tires into the rear wheels where it can cause serious damage to brake components and wheels. This problem is magnified in sandy, rocky or muddy conditions. Our strategically placed Trailing Arm Guards deflect mud, rocks, and sand to protect the rear wheels and brake components. The mount bracket is made from 11-gauge stainless steel. The deflector shield is made from .25-inch thick UHMW. This is a bolt-on modification that takes only minutes to complete. The kit is available for stock trailing arms and Holz trailing arms (Please be sure to select the appropriate option before placing your order). Replacement deflector shield sold individually.

Fits 2014-2019 XP 1000 & XP Turbo, and the RS1!

(RZR is a registered trademark of Polaris Industries Inc.)