Fires developing on UTV’s are more and more prevelant. Continuously monitoring for a fire, the Model AT can help prevent this disasterous event. It requires no electrical power, is small and lightweight, and takes virtually no room in your vehicle. The rugged thermal sensor is proven with over 15 years of experience in motorsports and industrial applications. A single sensor monitors the most probable locations where fires start in UTV’s. This system has also been tested in very demanding events and proven to be reliable and effective.

SAFECRAFT is the largest manufacturer of motorsport fire suppression systems in the United States

  • Most trusted name in motorsports for over 20 years
  • Systems installed in over 25,000 NASCAR, NHRA, SCCA Off-Road and NASA vehicles
  • SAFECRAFT systems use a superior Novec 1230 suppression agent, both effective and leaves no residue
  • All hardware kits engineered for quick and easy installation
  • Strategically placed spray nozzle designed for complete and total defense