Add Holz suspension performance to the latest Polaris RZR. Transform your new Polaris Pro XP into a desert- eating, dune-bashing machine! We start by widening the stance to 72”, adding stability, front tire clearance and traction and then build it the Holz way. 4130 chromoly tubular a-arms with high-strength FK precision ball joints are matched with a set 4130 chromoly, internally gusseted, sheet metal trailing arms featuring sealed spherical bearings. Our kit adds travel, reduces un-sprung weight and has improved ride quality and added stability – the perfect traits you need whether you’re blasting the tops of dunes or slinging silt through the sweepers.


  • Widens car to 72”
  • Improved ride quality & added stability
  • Added front tire clearance, improved balance & traction
  • Quality, lightweight construction (reduced un-sprung weight)
  • Standard matte black powder coat finish

PRO XP Long Travel Kit Includes:

HRP Tie Rods                                                                                                                                         

  • 7075 Aircraft grade Aluminum                                                                                                             
  • Heat treated 17-4 SS Rack Clevis
  • High-strength 3-piece FK precision rod ends
  • Heat treated 17-4 SS Hi-Misalignment Tapered Pins

HRP Radius Rods 

  • 4130 chromoly tube
  • Billet machined 4130 chromoly ends
  • Tig welded construction
  •  Sealed Spherical bearings with incorporated misalignment spacers

HRP A-Arms

  • 4130 chromoly tube
  • Tig welded construction
  • High-strength FK precision ball joints
  • Heat treated hi–misalignment alloy steel ball joint pins
  • Pivot bushings installed
  • Uses OE Pivot Sleeves and mounting hardware

HRP Trailing Arms

  • 4130 chromoly internally gusseted, sheet metal design
  • Tig welded construction
  • Sealed spherical mounting bearings installed

HRP Rear Chassis Brace

  • 4130 chromoly Tig welded construction
  • Reinforces inner radius rod mounting points putting mounting bolts in double shear

Fitment: 2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP & Pro XP Dynamix