The most versatile accessory we offer, please don’t let the Aluminum Utility Box’s simple appearance fool you. It is loaded with features (so you can load it with anything). Our Aluminum Utility Box’s interior, with over 2 cubic feet of storage, has tie-down anchors in each corner to secure your gear. The lockable, over-lapping lid and foam weather strip helps keep your belongings dry when you are getting soaked. That’s just the inside. It is how our box integrates with your XP 1000 that makes it one of our most popular creations. It fits in the RZR XP 1000’s rear cargo bed’s front half and, of course, we made sure it utilizes the stock mount locations so you can put your drill and hacksaw away. Once the box is installed, the rear half of the cargo bed space is available and accessible for other accessories. Detachable mounting brackets are fastened to the box with 1/4-turn Dzuz fasters (accessed from inside the box) for quick access to the vehicle’s air filter and oil fill cap while the box mounting brackets remain fastened to the bed of your RZR XP 1000. Simply remove four Dzus fasteners and the box can be removed or reinstalled in a matter of seconds. Our box is 14-inches tall with the lockable lid measuring 24 x 13 inches and the bottom 19 x 13 inches. The box is a semi-gloss black powder-coated finish.

Fits 2014-2017 XP 1000 & XP Turbo

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