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At HRP we have a full service shock servicing facility in-house. We stock a complete line of springs, fluids and components to renew or repair your suspension. We are an authorized Fox Racing Shox and Walker Evans Racing repair center. The typical turn-around for servicing or repairing shocks can range from 3-5 days depending on current work load and service or repair requirements.

Keep in mind that with shocks, the rear shock typically takes much more abuse and receives more wear than the front shock(s). Because of this, we recommend the rear shock be serviced more frequently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I go trail riding with my ATV every weekend. How often should my shock be serviced?

For the casual rider, we recommend that shocks be serviced with fresh oil and nitrogen once a season.

I have a shock that is blown. Do I need to send this directly to Fox or can you help me?

Holz Racing Products is an authorized Fox Shox factory service center. Since the shocks are fully rebuildable, we can repair or replace most any component on the shock.

I just bought a used ATV and it is sprung too hard or soft. Can you help me?

Holz Racing Products can swap out springs or adjust valve packs to suit most any rider weight and riding style.

Thoroughly clean your shock before shipping! Shock internals have very small orifices which will plug if contaminated with dirt during the servicing process. Holz Racing Products charges $60.00 per job to clean shocks that arrive dirty.

Shock Service Pricing

  • Fox Zero Pro Basic Service $54.95.each | Service+Revalve $69.95
  • Fox Zero Pro W/ Reservoir Basic Service $59.95 | Service+Revalve $74.95
  • Fox PodiumX Basic Service $64.95 each | Service+Revalve $74.95
  • Fox Float & EvolR Basic Service $59.95 each | Service+Revalve $74.95
  • Fox Float EvolX (RC2) Basic Service $64.95 | Service+Revalve $79.95

Walker Evans

  • Mono-Tube Coil-Over Shock Basic Service $54.95 | Service+Revalve $69.95
  • Mono-Tube Coil-Over Shock W/ Reservoir Basic Service $59.95 | Service+Revalve $74.95
  • Fox 2.0 or Walker Evans 2.0 Basic Service $64.95 | Service+Revalve $79.95
  • Walker Evans or Fox 2.5 Basic Service $89.95 | Service+Revalve $104.95

Popular Revalve & Service Packages:

RZR XP 1000 Shock Service/Revalve Packages

Stage1 Custom Revalve – Custom revalve all four shocks (driver/terrain specific). Includes new pistons in rear shocks + basic service/oil change and nitrogen recharge. Provides better overall performance, comfort and stability. $490

Stage2 Custom Revalve w/ Spring Crossover nut install – Includes Stage1 Service + Installation of crossover nuts for dual springs. This is essential for making the dual springs work correctly. Helps prevent damage due to coil-bind, and allows tuning of crossover engagement height. Shocks must be disassembled for install – parts not available separately. $574

Stage3 Custom Revalve w/Crossover nuts and HD shafts – Includes Stage1 and Stage2 package + Installation of HD shafts for front and rear shocks. Essential upgrade for Gen1 shocks. A must for racers and aggressive drivers. $1104

2011-12 Polaris Pro/RMK Walker Evans Shock Revalve & Upgrade

Custom Revalve & Reservoir upgrade: $174.95 per shock. – Combine rider specific custom valving and install a piggyback compression adjustable reservoir for the ultimate ride on your Pro model Polaris sled.
*Reservoir upgrade only available for front ski shocks and front (center) track shock. See product listing for rear shock replacement options.

Arctic Cat M-Series Fox Rear Suspension Revalve:: $145

Includes Custom revalve front and rear track shock. New valve specs will be rider and sled specific.
Benefits: Huge improvement in weight transfer, less trenching, reduced ski pressure. Overall more progressive feel gives wider range of adjustment with plusher initial ride and better bottoming resistance. Available for both Float Air shocks and Zero Pro shock absorbers.
*Revalve also available for Ski shocks.

Pricing above is for estimate purposes only. Additional parts required increases service cost. All prices are per shock.